Software Engineers-The Unknown Heroes

Software Engineer

‘Software engineer’, sounds too common? or sounds too geeky? whichever way it is , we are surrounded on every side with the stuffs created by these guys.

Right from the morning when our day starts peeking with one eye open on the mobile screen till late in the night when we sit on our couch and scroll our facebook from top to bottom and again back to top just to make sure if we have missed some post.

Today when IT hubs are spread across the globe, with a huge amount of information available online and a wonderful ability to connect to person sitting at other end of the world which we call ‘internet’, provides us with unlimited opportunities to explore new things and meet new people. But don’t forget those who played a key role in making this possible ‘The Software Engineers’.

The defense weapons, the space ships, the laptops, the tablets and so on, none of these hardwares can be called alive without the touch of a software engineer. The IT industry which never sleeps and follow a simple yet important cycle again and again Code -> Test -> Deploy-> Make users happy, is making our lives simple day by day.

These mighty heroes which make wonders happen with their skills are often left unrecognized and with no name. We all come to know when our social networks are down or you cannot open your mail or a new security threat which can cause you a privacy loss has been released, but we never know at that particular instant ( when you are busy checking your internet connection and wires to know what went wrong ) these guys around the globe are having sleepless nights just to make your experience smooth, and secure your privacy…..why? …….because they promised it.

This short note comes as a thanks to these people who made our life simple, interesting, colorful and worth living.

tShirt saying Keep Calm and let the software engineer handle it

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