Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme is out

TwentySixteen Wordpress Theme

As we see 2016 coming nearer and waving a good-bye to all good memories of 2015, a wonderful thing which we got from the WordPress community is the TwentySixteen theme.

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The theme is designed by Takashi Irie and is added to the wonderful collection of default WordPress themes. Released as a default theme for WordPress 4.4  , Twenty Sixteen bring with it tons of feature and customize options. Which are ( but not limited to ):

  • Mobile friendly.
  • One Column layout ( But can be extended with plugins).
  • Optional right sidebar ( TwentyFifteen had sidebar on left ).
  • Lots and lots of color combinations to make your site look good.
  • Custom excerpt.
  • Multiple menu positions and a social menu.

Lets have look at some of the screenshots of this theme: ( Credit: WordPress )

TwentySixteen Theme

TwentySixteen Black

TwentySixteen Gray

TwentySixteen Green

TwentySixteen Styles

TwentySixteen Heading

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Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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