What is Web Hosting in simple words

Web Hosting in simple words

Webhosting , a term we often come across when we talk about internet and websites or the world wide web (www), is nothing but just a hosting service where your website ‘sits’ and is made accessible to the world using world wide web. Webhosting is generally provided by webhosting companies.

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Lets start from very basic, Ok you got a website designed in say HTML and now you want that to be visible to the world. So for this you go to any of the webhosting companies which owns their servers on which they will place your website, of course they charge you for that.

So they put your website on server, but how you will access it through internet, here comes the concept called Domain name. A Domain name is a simple identification of any site which is on internet and is uniquely recognized by that name. For example www.google.com here ‘google.com’ is a domain name, or www.wikipedia.org here ‘wikipedia.org’ is a domain name.

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So once you put your site on the server and link it to a Domain name, you can directly access it through internet using the your browser and the name you gave to the site.

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