Slash Dot Effect – What is it

SlashDot Effect

Slash Dot effect(Slashdotting) is an event when a popular site with high traffic links to a smaller site giving a sudden increase of traffic on the smaller site.

Illustration for Slash Dot effect

Slashdotting often overloads the smaller site and causes it to slow down or even become unavailable temporarily.To understand the concept consider an instance where the Google’s home page ( receiving billions of hits daily) suddenly add a link to your site 🙂 Wooh! you will be bombarded with traffic which depending on the available bandwidth and space of your web server can OR cannot be supported and may ultimately result in the downtime of your site.

Here is a site traffic illustration during Slash Dot effect:

Slash Dot effect illustration
Slash Dot Effect

Sites running on Shared hosting often cannot absorb this much incoming traffic and breaks.

Network Mirror and Caching can be a good solution for the Slash Dot effect.

Fact: The site  received a Slash Dot effect when over one thousand people joined it in one day.

For WordPress you can look at some tips for overcoming a potential slashdot effect HERE.

A good discussion for Drupal can be found HERE.

HERE are some tips for Joomla.

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