Why you should ‘Blog’

Why you should blog

Every person who is fond of writing must be aware of what a Blog is, a blog gives a platform to all the creativity your mind can produce. I as a blogger myself feels the importance of having my own place on Internet where I can shed out all the ideas and thoughts my mind come up with.

I started playing with web technologies at a very young age, and tried everything starting from the very basic HTML, CSS, FrontPage to complex CMSs like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and what not. Today I feel why it is worth shedding few bucks to get an identity of your own on WWW ( World Wide Web ). Here are some good sides of writing blogs.

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1) You learn to write:
Yes ! when you pick your keyboard to actually write and you already know that this will be visible to entire world, you tend to write good and correct.

2) You learn to be expressive:
Once you learn to play with words you get better and better at expressing yourself, and know the art of writing less and telling more.

3) A feeling of confidence :
Those goose bumps which you get when your friends and family appreciate what you do, ultimately bringing out the real confident YOU.

4) You get Creative:
As I said earlier a Blog is your own space on Internet, and everyone like their space to look good. When you write blog, you tend to keep your site good looking. This makes you creative and you always come up with cool ideas to make an eye candy blog.

5) Learn Tech:
Of course you get an understanding of the technological trends while you crawl around internet in search of something which might help your blog to grow.

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6) Become social:
As your blog grows you get more followers and get a chance to interact with people having the same mind frequency as yours.

7) Most important of all – It Feels GOOD!
Put everything aside and just think of something which makes you feel good, then pick your keyboard and start writing blog about it. Yeah ! I promise you will never regret this, because you do what you like. A sense of satisfaction you get by writing about something you like, can never be compared by anything else.

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