Confession of an Engineer

Confession of an Engineer

Written by Rahul Khambete, Ahmedabad

My Engineering Experience.It has been 5 years since I took left turn from my college gate to run in the rat race. For two days in a week I take leave from being a rat and turn myself into a human. So I have sat down now to write about the very reason of why surprisingly I turn into a rat in weekdays. So to start with I need to go 9 years back from now when I was totally a human. It was a time when I entered the engineering college gate.

I took up Electronics and communication discipline as I was fascinated by the physics topics that I studied in class 12th. This was the pure silly reason to take up electronics and communication. I hadn’t thought much as I have been an average student in my school days. The only subject I studied with some interest in school was physics. So finally I entered into the college. First year was good for me. I developed interest in Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Drawing thanks to very good professors I got for these subjects. But for the rest of the subjects I found that the teachers were substandard. So I studied them for just passing my exams. Practical application approach that is required in engineering was totally missing.

Somehow still first year went well in terms of academics. But at the end of first year I found that there is a noticeable change in my behavior. I have become a bit ignorant. I have started losing my focus. I was aware of it but I really didn’t bother. The world around me was full of glamour. I had a huge circle of friends. Almost all of them were as ignorant as I was. The world around me was the reality of private engineering education in India which it was not supposed to be like that. But nobody of us cared because we were enjoying our testosterone charged youth. We had lot of energy to bunk classes and do parties. Roaming in and around the city on our bikes just for fun. Getting into some kind of quarrels, although I was not involved much. The energy which needed to be directed towards engineering was getting wasted because it was scattered in multiple useless directions.

When I entered 2nd year, things even got worse because there was no infrastructure and complete lack of able professors. All professors were those who have just completed their engineering and using the job as a buffer zone to wait for a better job in future. What kind of seriousness you can expect from these professors? Now as the infrastructure required for engineering was already collapsed what we students got was time. Lots and lots of time to waste our enormous energy here and there. This is that particular period when students, especially young boys, tend to have two or three crushes. Girls are more smarter by the way. They don’t do such things so easily. Well I am not against falling in love but all attention should not be given to this. Although there is no fault of students in it. It’s the college that should be blamed. It’s the college which has failed to develop interest among students for engineering. Then comes the last semester. Suddenly everybody looks scared and confused about their future. All breakups had happened by this time already. All energy consumed. All valuable time lost. So what comes in a troubled mind like this at such a time? “I need to get a job. Any damn job that will start my cash flow.”

Some students choose a different path. May be a master degree or a post graduate diploma. But this also is done to get a placement in a company. The focus is to get the job. By the way I followed second path. Any path you choose you are ending up in a rat race. Why? Simple. It should all to be blamed on the sorry state of engineering education in India. The student who comes with lots of hope and enthusiasm from school to college, the college will ensure that student’s hope and enthusiasm for engineering be buried deep. So what is now for this weekend human to do? To watch a Bollywood masala movie and have dinner in some Italian or Mexican restaurant and then getting back on Monday morning to join again the rat race with full speed.

PS: These thoughts are personal. They have nothing to do with movie ‘TAMASHA’. 😀

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