Birthday website, a ‘different’ gift

Image showing cake and message saying Birthday website a different gift

Website as a ‘Gift’ for someone special on his/her birthday ?

Yes ! its possible. 🙂

Web development and designing has reached to a level where a person with even no development knowledge can create a decent website, thanks to CMSs( Content Management Systems) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal.

Birthday website has recently gained popularity and is considered as ‘Different’ personalized gift for that someone special.

The process of getting a Birthday website is no different from a normal website, they also follow the same cycle

WebHosting -> Domain Name -> CMS

You need to have a web hosting in place so that you can buy the desired domain name ( eg: ), followed by installation of CMS on it. This can be done as quickly as 30 mins.

Later its all your creativity, make full use of the potential a CMS offers combined with the ideas you have and create a beautiful looking website for that someone special.

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Quick Tips for a Birthday Website:

  • Usually B’day websites have a lot of media contents hence need to be optimized.
  • You can add falling balloons or candles script to make it look good.
  • Try not to make multiple pages, instead a single long home page with everything in it is better.
  • Do add a login for the site if you don’t want the content to be shared outside your group.
  • A background Happy B’day song on site always helps 🙂
  • Do collect messages from your friends and put it on site.
  • If you wish to share it with world, don’t forget the social sharing buttons on it.

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So go ahead and gift something special to someone special. 🙂


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