Google’s Beethoven doodle permanent link [with solution]

Google's Beethovens Doodle
credit: Google

Recently Google launched yet another awesome interactive Doodle for its search engine home page. The occasion was 245th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. The Doodle went live on 16th Dec,2015 and stayed till 17th Dec,2015.

The Doodle was visible to almost entire world and below image shows its reach:

Beethovens Doodle Reach Map
credit: Google

It had interactive animations with 4 puzzles before Beethoven could reach his destination.

If you want to relive the doodle again you can visit its permanent link:

Visit Beethoven’s Doodle Page

The Doodle shows different creations of Beethoven in every puzzle, You need to assemble the pages to get the desired music, for reference every puzzle has the option to play entire music or each page’s music.

Now lets solve them one by one.

1) Fifth Symphony:

Fifth Symphony Puzzle


Fifth Symphony Solution

2) Für Elise:

FurElise Puzzle


Fur Elise Puzzle Solution

3) Moonlight Sonata:
Moonlight Sonata Puzzle


Moonlight Sonata Puzzle Solution

4) Ninth Symphony (ode to joy):

Ninth Symphony Puzzle


Ninth Symphony Puzzle Solution

This brings us to end of the Puzzle 🙂

Beethoven Puzzle End

Check entire Google Doodle archive HERE.

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