7 New Year Resolutions in 2016 for Webmasters

New Year Resolutions for Webmasters

Wikipedia defines Webmaster as

A webmaster (from web and master), also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.

in simple words a Webmaster is responsible for managing all the tough tasks of a website while keeping the end user experience as smooth as possible.

As 2016 is approaching and 2015 almost turned its back, this is the right time we talk about some of the best practices we should follow as webmasters ( AKA New Year Resolutions 🙂 ).

1. I will always keep strong password for my website’s Control Panel:

The most important and the front line of securing your website on Internet is the password. The password you use for admin/super user/cPanel should always be ‘Very Strong’ which means the combination of Alphabets ( small/caps), Numbers and Special characters.

2. I will always install updates:

While using certain web technologies like CMS ( Content Management Systems) , you should always install the new updates from the service providers, which if are the Core updates, then should be done at priority.

3. I will keep my Plugins updated:

You as a Webmaster is responsible for providing your end user with the best possible experience on web. A Plugin adds an extension to the basic functionality of a web application, and to keep the user experience smooth while keeping an eye on the application security you should always keep your plugins updated.

4. I will change my password at regular intervals: 

Only keeping a strong password isn’t sufficient , but to change it at regular intervals is the key to make your application secure. The same should be enforced to your customers if they have certain roles and permissions defined in your system.

5. I will keep Monitoring systems in place:

As a webmaster its your responsibility that your users should never get a downtime or technical error, for this you should always have monitoring systems in place which triggers a notification to you whenever your application faces issues. Some good monitoring systems are Pingdom and Jetpack.

6. I will always use good web hosting:

If you are using web hosting services from a third party, then it is highly recommended to shed some extra bucks to get better hosting services and malware protections.

7. I will take regular backups:

As a webmaster you should always take regular backups of your data, though mirror servers are recommended but a frequent backups are also good idea. You should go for the web hosting service providers who take frequent backups.

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