The Physics of Religion

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As a science student while in school, I have done an experiment in physics laboratory which demonstrated the refraction of light while passing through a medium. As soon as a different medium of propagation comes in the path of light, it will change its direction. The moment it hits a different medium it gets distracted. It will retain the new change in its direction till that medium continues. An analogy to this phenomenon can be found nearby. As soon as a distracting idea crosses the normal flow of thoughts, the mind gets diverted. This diversion will remain as long as the idea keeps distracting.

Considering a human, more or less defined by his mind, equal to that light ray and religion being equivalent to that of intervening medium, mind will travel the path defined by that religion. As soon as we are born that different medium of propagation i.e. religion is our new path provider. Now we will continue to travel on the path defined by the intervening religion till we don’t look beyond it. As each mind is different, everyone will not follow the same path.

Every mind has its own interpretation of religion. Everyone will have his own understanding. Now if every human is stubborn enough to not look beyond his own understanding or not empathise with understanding of others, then the clashes are bound to happen. We are able to see real life examples happening every day in Arab countries. Whatever is happening there is because of not looking beyond the idea of religion.If we can go beyond what has been preached to us in the name of different religions, we will be able to see true nature of things. And hence we enter the realm of physics which means finding the true nature of things.

Physics is not just mathematical models. Physics can also be what our saints in India used to do which is to find the true nature. Physics is not the copyright of western scientific community. Our physicists were saints.

In school we have learned the law of conservation of energy and momentum. How much it is different than Law of karma? The equivalent force that is applied on a body is sum total or the resultant of all the forces that are working on that body.

Aren’t our lives similar? What happens to us in life is the sum total of our action and the actions of others. Others can be other people, surrounding environment, gravitational effect of planets in our solar system and many more. The definition of this other is endless. So, are we totally responsible for our life alone? Are we totally responsible for every good or bad happening in our life? How can we claim this when there are so much factors that affects our actions and decisions. These are the questions for which we need to find the answers. I don’t know the answers. As a student for life and as per physics I will not jump to a conclusion till I see the proof.

That’s why I have kept all paths open. But one thing is sure I am not going to come in any religious trap.For me religion is as good as a branch of physics. Even every branch of physics has some unanswered questions. For example, take the physics involving heavenly objects i.e. our universe and quantum physics, which deals with the subtle. To know the truth both branches must come on same page. Who knows whether there is any difference between our solar system and an atom or not? There is space separating every object. Space is the most part of atom. We are made up of these atoms. So are we made up of space only? Whatever we see, is it just an effect or illusion? To answer these questions all religions must also come on same page. Even religion and physics must be treated as two branches that will eventually lead to same knowledge someday.

For the success of physics and religion what is expected from us is to not sticking with the same idea. Not to be stubborn regarding whatever has been fed to us from our childhood or what has been written in some book by some godman. But at the same time, we should not to indulge in any argument on religion. The total number of religions in this world is equal to total number of humans on this planet.

Everyone has got his own branch of physics. Everyone has devised his own physics of religion.

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