Whats inside Google’s new year doodle egg?


Google New Year Doodle 2016

Google’s Doodle basket gave us another awesome interactive Doodle on New Year Eve . The doodle has five birds sitting on a branch and moving their heads around, the sixth image is of an egg sitting on a nest.

The egg shakes in between the animation sequence and other birds look at it in surprise, expecting something to come out of it.But, since its a ‘New Year’ doodle, the egg doesn’t break and stops shaking, followed by which the last bird looks at the clock while other birds get back to their original positions.

The biggest question is what will come out of that egg, and the answer is

The answer is below three imagesGoogle New Year Doodle

The egg breaks and a tall alligator come out of it while the other birds enjoy and jump. 🙂

While the second one shows 5 turtles

Google New Year Doodle

Next one shows a duck.

Google New Year Doodle

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