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Google fiber-The next chapter of Internet?

Google Fiber Image

Google fiber  is a broadband service providing very high speed internet and cable television in United States. Google Fiber promises internet speed as high as whooping 1000 Mbps. Though they are slowly increasing the number of served locations, but as of March 2015, Google Fiber had 27,000 television subscribers. The first city to get the service was Kansas City metropolitan area.

Google announced ‘Fiber’ as a product on  December 12, 2012.

With this lightening fast speed you can download an HD movie in just 7 seconds.

Google fiber speed test

The official fiber website , says it as a “A different kind of Internet and TV”,. Below table shows the current pricing and plans for Google Fiber:

PlanGigabit + TVGigabit InternetBasic Internet
Internet bandwidth (download)1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s5 Mbit/s
Internet bandwidth (upload)1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s1 Mbit/s
TV service includedyesnono
Construction FeeNoneNone$300
Storage included1 TB Google Drive
(8 tuners)
1 TB Google DriveNone
Hardware includedNetwork box
TV box
TV remote control
8-tuner DVR
Network boxNetwork box

Google also released a very creative official video for Fiber. Check yourself !

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