How I got my AdSense approved in 2 weeks-The honest way

Google AdSense Approval

Every Blogger who wish to monetize his/her blog have sometime or other gone to Google  AdSense.But Google doesn’t always approves your site when you submit it, it has its own Policies and Guidelines which Google enforce strictly, and the site which doesn’t comply with these policies are rejected right away.

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So how could you get AdSense approval for your site? Though there are many ways people out there use to get AdSense Approval, but here i will be sharing my personal experience of how i got AdSense approval that too in just 2 weeks after i created my blog.

1) Original Content:

Image showing a pen and saying Content is the Key (Always)
Original Content

Yes! as the title says ‘Original Content’, you should always stress on putting the original content on your blog/site, AdSense checks whether your content is original or has been copied from somewhere else.

What I do?

  • I always add my own content on my blog ( Not always applicable to certain code lines, since the logic can be same 🙂 ).


2) Quality Content:

Image saying Quality do matter
Quality Content

Not only the Originality but the Quality of content you put, adds to the credibility and usefulness of your site. Just putting in any content doesn’t help, you need to add stuff which is useful for the users/readers.

What I do?

  • I always research before adding a content to the blog, and seek as much as resources possible before writing down the post which is beneficial to the user.

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3) User Experience:

User Experience-Image saying Think about user
User Experience

User Experience is another point to make note of before applying your site for AdSense, Google usually rejects sites which are not user friendly or have less score of accessibility. Do think as a user of your own site and check how friendly the navigation and content reach is for the users. Accessibility also include a clean website design, easy content reach, Image Alt tags, Image Description and of-course Mobile friendly ( responsive) design is a plus.

What I do?

  • I try to keep the design minimal with a responsive layout and always tend to put alt tags/description for images. I prefer using responsive theme and a good font for site content.

4) Good SEO and Keywords:

Search Engine Optimization
SEO and Keywords

Always keep in mind, the quality of content is used to its highest potential if it is Search Engine Optimized. SEO sites get a credibility and perform well in search results thus getting good chances of converting ads into revenue for both Google and You. The meta keywords should be well thought and researched before adding it to the blog post.

What I do?

  • I follow Search Engine Optimization techniques and regularly update contents whenever needed. The keywords i add to posts are well researched and analyzed.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Keep your image size less, so that your page’s load time isn’t increased.
  • Use interesting images in posts to keep user engaged.
  • Use alt tags and description for images.
  • Keep layout clean.
  • Use responsive theme or layout.
  • Write your original posts.
  • Don’t be too quick in applying for AdSense, improve the content quality first. 🙂

If you follow the above mentioned techniques, it wont take you long to receive this email in your inbox.

AdSense Approval Mail
AdSense Approval Mail

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2 thoughts on “How I got my AdSense approved in 2 weeks-The honest way

  1. Although I don’t have Adsense on my blog yet, I will keep this all points in mind when I write. I usually follow this practice only but your post has inspired me to write even better. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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