Tech Tattoo-Circuits on your skin

Tech Tattoo

Ever wondered what will be the next level of skin tattoos ? carrying electric current on your skin !  Yes, Chaotic Moon Studios a Texas based startup  has come up with a creative concept called as ‘Tech Tattoos’ AKA ‘Tech Tats’.

What are Tech Tats?

An all new concept of skin Tattooing which will have temporary Tattoos formed of electric components right on your skin surface.

How they are created?

Tech Tats can be created by LEDs, conductive Inks, and Microcontrollers which together will form a circuit board on your skin.

What is Conductive Ink?

An ink made up of conductive material which allows electric current to pass through it. Refer Wikipedia.

Whats the use of Tech Tat?

Today when wearable technology has become part of our daily life, tech tats can serve as much more simplified wearables to monitor things like Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Stress level etc.

Going forward Tech Tats can be used to communicate with other devices, or to track a child in crowd and other location monitoring systems.

Are they out in Market yet?

As per Creative Moon, tech tats are still in testing phase and the prototypes require additional developments. But yes,we can soon expect Tech Tats on our skins.

Do they look cool?

Yes ! they do 🙂

Show me how they work !

Here is the official video from Chaotic Moon Studios on how Tech Tats work.


Do you think tech Tats will be innovation of the decade? Do let us know by commenting below !

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