Facebook Stadium – Your Sports Hub

The social network with over 1.44 billion monthly active users has launched yet another feature to make your life more ‘social’. Facebook Sports Stadium is a devoted space to sports on facebook. Built on the idea to make you feel as if you are watching a game with your friends, Facebook Stadium will give all the live updates about the game in chronological order.

Facebook Stadium will include:

  • Posts from your friends, and their comments on plays.
  • Posts and commentary from experts, like teams, leagues and journalists, with easy access to their Pages.
  • Live scores, stats and a play-by-play.
  • Game info, like where to find the game on TV.
Facebook Sports Stadium
Facebook Sports Stadium

Facebook Stadium will let you feel the game in real time and you can also like, comment or share it with your friends. Once you are in the ‘Stadium’ you will be able to get all the live updates about the game, the expert comments, views and commentary.

Sounds Cool! where can i get it from? 

Facebook Stadium is a new hub within facebook, and can be accessed by searching for your game on facebook application. Though the feature has just started rolling out, but as per the initial findings it is available to user by searching the games going on.

Is it available for everyone and every game?

Facebook rolled out ‘Stadium’ initially for American football but will soon support other games like basketball, soccer etc.

‘Stadium’ is currently available in US on iPhones, but other platforms may soon expect it.

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