ZnetLive Webhosting India – An Honest Review

ZnetLive Review

ZnetLive, probably less known hosting provider in India but one of those which survived the crunch in Web Hosting market. The company has been there for last 15 years and claim to have served 80,000+ customers. But what makes it worth shedding out some bucks OR  ‘Why ZnetLive’?

Before i begin, let me tell you I have been using ZnetLive services for last 6 Years and yes i am an Affiliate partner for them, But ! this review will not be affected with all these and ill be sharing what i personally experienced all these years working with ZnetLive.

1) Warm Welcome:

For a company which doesn’t have its roots in any of the Silicon hub of India, what i personally appreciate is the warm welcome  and professionalism you get when you start talking to them over call or on chat.

2) 24/7 Support: 

Yes, they do have a 24/7 support available, with this i mean ‘actually’ 24/7 , i have had some issues with my sites ( Everyone has , not a big deal 🙂 ) but keeping this apart what i like is the Pro-activeness they show even if you ping them at 3 in the morning ( Their phone support is now available 24/7 ).

3) Ticketing System:

Yes every hosting provider has a Ticketing System then why ZnetLive? well, ticketing system is of no use unless you have a good SLA on it and here ZnetLive always kept my trust. They take all the tickets ‘seriously’ and respond to it in max 1-2 Hr ( Sometime this time include the solution provided).

4) Prices:

ZnetLive provide a very competitive prices for all the services it offer and the best part is they don’t change prices every year like other hosting providers. For eg: if you purchased a Shared Hosting plan at say 3000INR for a year, the next time you go to them they will not say the ‘Sir/Ma’am! the prices have increased and you now need to pay 4500 INR’ , they charge the same amount every year even if the current price is more than what you purchased at. The slight variations you get in price is because of the ‘Service Tax’ which may vary, but the basic price remains the same year on year.

5) Dedicated Account manager:

Every service you purchase from ZnetLive gives you a Dedicated Account Manager, whom you can reach out if you feel your issue has not been addressed. Also you can get in touch with your Account Manager if you want to discuss any of the services you wish to purchase.

Account managers do share their cell numbers, which is the best part if you don’t wish to follow hierarchy and want to ‘Skip Level’ and reach out to your account manager directly.

6) cPanel Partner:

ZnetLive is listed as one of the Partners of cPanel ( The Control Panel for all your websites ) and also has an easier ‘User Panel’ which keeps track of all the services you purchased from them in well-mannered way.

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7) Offers:

Who doesn’t like the word ‘Offer‘, Yes! ZnetLive also provide its users with frequent offers and discount on various services which you can avail and get the best out of it for your business.

8) Lets talk:

As i mentioned earlier, every user of ZnetLive has a dedicated account manager. So if you feel you need a service but the prices are a bit high, just give a call to your Account Manager and they will do whatever best they can for you.

9) Tickets on your behalf:

Issues doesn’t always come when you are sitting in front of your machine, so if you are away from internet and get a notification of any issue with your site, you can just give ZnetLive a call and ask them to raise a ticket on your behalf.

10) Security Scans:

Though a strong password always helps but the servers ZnetLive is using are scanned for any malwares at regular intervals.

You can trust your data/security with them.

11) Uptime:

They claim 99.99% uptime for their shared hoting plans too, though i had minor issues with uptime but i would agree to a ~99.96% uptime by ZnetLive.

12) Email communications:

ZnetLive do communicate via regular emails about any services renewal or maintenance plans, so you don’t need to login to your Members panel to keep track of everything.

13) They do listen:

One of the good things about ZnetLive is they do listen to any of the suggestions you give and quickly implement them.

Do let me know if you need any further information about ZnetLive in comments section below before you invest money on their services.


ZnetLive has recently launched its mobile application to manage your services, and support tickets on the go. You can download it from Play store HERE.


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