How to know ‘Unknown Search Terms’ for your WordPress blog

How to know/find unknown search terms in Wordpress website

As a serious WordPress blogger you would always like to know where your site is fetching traffic from. A good analysis of the search traffic followed by optimizing your site to get best out of the Organic Traffic ( Traffic from unpaid search results) is the key protocol to get continuous traffic when it comes to blogging industry. After Google came up with Encrypting the search terms to help protect users privacy, it has become a pain for webmasters to get exact stats for the organic traffic they have been getting on their sites.

The tool usually a blogger use to get a quick overview of the incoming traffic is Jetpack

You can access Jetpack site stats from Jetpack -> Site Stats

Jetpack Site Stats under Posts menu in WordPress
Jetpack Site Stats to check unknown search terms

But once you go to Jetpack Stats you will soon realize you get the same annoying ‘Unknown search terms‘ there too ( ohhh Man ! ).

Site stats unknown search terms text on dashboard
Site stats unknown search terms, cannot see exact keywords users search for

You wont have a luck with WordPress App Stats as well.

Uknown search term wordpress app, not visible there as well
Unknown search term WordPress app, not visible, how to find the terms, keywords

So how to know the search terms users use to reach your blog ?

Well ! the one stop for all your search keyword needs is the Google Webmasters tool.

Yes ! Google Webmasters gives you all the ‘Search Keywords’ users put in Google to get your site in results.

Where to find my site’s search keywords in Google Webmasters?

Go to your Webmasters account and expand the ‘Search Traffic’ side menu and click on ‘Search Analytics’.

Google Webmasters search stats, selecting Search Analysis menu item under Search Traffic Tab
Google Webmasters search stats

This will give you whole list of search keywords along with the number of clicks which point to your site.

Google Search Keywords visible in google webmasters
Google Search Keywords

So go ahead and check out your Google Webmasters to get an insight of your search traffic. Hope this article helped, do let us know what you think in comments section below.

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