Event Blogging-Why we love it

Event blogging , a pretty familiar term among bloggers, but have you ever tried it?

Lets talk about it…

What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging
Event Blogging

Event blogging is kind of blogging where bloggers post articles focused on a particular event. An event can be anything like a festival, launching of a new product or trending news.

What are the benefits of event blogging?

Event Blogging Traffic
Event Blogging Traffic

Event blogging can even crash your servers. Yes ! posting for an ‘event’ attracts huge traffic to your site because there is not much competition in search traffic, ultimately search engines are left with no choice apart from showing your post at the top. 🙂

Event blogging gives you a sudden kick in traffic and an increase in revenue if you are displaying ads on your site( Adsense, Chitika or any other Ad Platform), but this traffic is short lived and once the ‘event’ is passed the search engine traffic may decrease to almost zero.

How to Event Blog?

How to event blog
How to event blog

Event blogging needs the bloggers to be quick, really quick !

Yes, any blogger who event blogs should always keep an eye on upcoming events, festivals and occasions and post accordingly. You as an event blogger should post well before the event so that search engine can index your post by the time event starts.

You can use these tools to check the current worlds trends and traffic stats:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Yahoo Trends
  3. Trendsmap
  4. Google News
  5. Reddit Trends
  6. Twitter Trends ( On your twitter profile ).
  7. Facebook Trends ( On your Facebook Profile).

For Live search stats you can also use Google Trends Visualize

Google Trends Visualize
Google Trends Visualize

Example of Event Blogging:

For instance an electronics company said it will be launching its new phone next week. As an event blogger you write a post about the new device which is yet to be launched and by the time the launching event happens your post is indexed by search engines.

As the official launching of the phone happens, people all over the world will start searching for it over the internet, and your post will be the most relevant search engines could find. Wooh ! you will see the results in your site stats soon. 🙂

Site Traffic
Site Traffic

Let us know what you think by posting your views in comments section below !


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