How to get an attractive image for your Blog Post ?

Blog Post Image

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Yes!, adding a picture to your blog post serves many purposes apart from attracting readers, they keep users engaged in your content, make your sites layout colorful, indirectly/directly decrease your bounce rate and of-course give users a path for ‘where to go next’ on your site.

Adding an attractive image on your blog post is a good practice and should be followed to add more value and user engagement to your content, so for this, today i will be talking about how you can create a ‘self explanatory’ image for your blog post.

Ill be keeping things simple while we create a cool image for us by the end of this post. Though there are many online tools out there to get this done but here ill be talking about 2 tools only ( too many tools together confuse the reader which one to go for 🙂 ).


1) Select the topic you want the image for:

Say for instance your post is related to ‘Blogging’ and has a title ‘Let us Blog’.

Next you will go to Unsplash , this site offers free to use, edit, modify, distribute images. Check out Unsplash License.

2) Search for desired image:

Next we’ll search for images related to blogging ( Or Writing, Or Pen Paper etc.).

Blogging Image Search
Blogging Image Search

I like the first image, we’ll use that one to create our blog post image.

3) Save the Image:

Click on the image you like and it will pop into a new tab, then save the image to your machine.

Blogging Image
Blogging Image

4) Edit the image:

of-course putting this image directly on your post wont look good 🙂 , we need to add certain text to describe what the image and post is all about.

For this we’ll go to Picmonkey


Click on ‘Edit’ and upload your image, this will open your image in an editor.

Picmonkey Editor
Picmonkey Editor

5) Resize and Crop the image

Next, we need to re-size and crop the image to desired size and fit.

Picmonkey Resize
Picmonkey Resize
Picmonkey Crop
Picmonkey Crop

6) Add Text

Once we are done with resizing/cropping image, we will add a text on the image to make it more descriptive. You can do that by adding text of different fonts available on Picmonkey.

Picmonkey Fonts
Picmonkey Fonts
Editted Image
Editted Image

There are many features on Picmonkey apart from basic editting which you could explore and use to create even better images.

Once you are done with the editting, just save and upload the image to your blog.

Here we created a very basic image, but once you explore more on Picmonkey, you could definitely create much more interesting images.

Hope you like this post, do let us know what tool you use to create images for your blog posts.

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3 thoughts on “How to get an attractive image for your Blog Post ?

  1. This is all very insightful. I use to never share photos in my blogs because I didn’t need to 3-10 years ago. All I had to do was publish my content and I would automatically gain feedback. Now that social media is on the rise with people attention whoring constantly with selfies, bloggers have been forced to share pictures in our blogs.

    I began sharing pictures in my website’s blogs earlier this year. I have to admit, I do like choosing a picture to help set the tone for the topic of my blogs. At the same time, I have found it to be more time consuming than blogging and editing blogs. Normally, I go through Google Images and choose pictures.

    I had no idea about Unsplash. I will have to check out this site.

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