Choosing the right Domain Name – The ‘Wrong’ Way !

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Interested in getting your presence online? well, ofcourse you’ll have to start with the very first step of the internet thumb rules i.e purchase of a Domain name or in simple words the name for your site.

People often think a lot before purchasing a domain name for their site ( Which is good ! ), your domain name should be well thought of before you put the cash on your Domain Registrar’s table, and no doubt the more you think about the name, the better are your chances to get a good name for your business which will identify your brand in coming years.

But do you really need to worry about ‘perfection’ in domain names?

If you start your search of a ‘good’ domain name most of the time you will realize that what you are thinking, someone already thought of and the ‘idea’ is no longer available ( 😀 ).

Next is, even if you get a desired name by flipping some characters here and there in the name, there are chances you will end up compromising with the extension ( .COM, .NET, .CO, .ORG etc ). ( 🙂 )

After all this, if you are lucky enough then only you get a ‘Catch of a lifetime’. But what if you don’t get it, here are some cool points you could think of before buying a domain name.

Wait ! before moving to those points, lets have a look at Top Websites of the world, and learn some quick facts about them.

1) – Well, Google itself is a wrongly spelled word Googol.

2) – Consider you don’t know what facebook is all about 😀 , what comes to your mind when you read ‘facebook’ ?, nothing related to social network atleast. 🙂

3) – Still nothing related to Videos comes to mind.

4) – Well, what to say 🙂 .

5) – Cannot think that name for Trading brand.

and so on…

Ok, so now when we know that the name matters less ( though upto a certain extent), but what adds value to the brand is the content it holds on the website, the better the content, the more likely are the chances that users will remember the site name.

So, here are some tips you might want to think about before buying your next cool domain name.

1) Something people remember :

As I said earlier, think of any name which people can remember easily, any name which is difficult to type or spell might result in loosing your site users. I would suggest an interesting( Probably Funny !) name for the site.

2) QWERTY Keyboard:

The most widely used keyboard layout around the world is QWERTY. Why don’t you think of a name which is easier to type using a QWERTY layout keyboard.

A person using the keyboard usually put his fingers over A,S and L,K keys, the less he has to stretch his fingers to type your website name, the more happier he would be. 🙂 ( and yeah ! has already been taken 😛 ).

3) No Hyphens:

Try to neglect Hyphens in your Domain name unless it is definitely needed, it gives a difficult to type name for your website.

4) Less keys for more length:

Long names can be made easier for users by repetitive alphabets in it.

Eg: T-W-I-T-T-E-R (5 Characters).

5) Regional words:

If your site is targeted for specific region/language, then try to use some Regional/Local words in your Domain name, this makes it easier for people to remember the site name.

6) Not too many repetitions:

OK, so you liked the idea of repetitive characters in name, there shouldn’t be these many continuous repetitions that user will think ‘was it 6 A’s or 5 A’s.’ 😀

7) Its OK if it doesn’t mean anything: 

Think about ABC.XYZ domain name for Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Yeah! if you agree with above points and landed up with a domain name which doesn’t have a meaning in dictionary, i would say thats OK, your readers will automatically link your website contents with your site name if it really adds value.

I’ll end up this talk with quick facts about Domain names:

  1. was the first domain that was ever registered.
  2. was registered on February 14, 2005 ( Valentine’s Day ) 😀
  3. The top 20 most expensive domains are worth £100m
  4. Until 1995 Domain Registration was free!
  5. It costs $40,000 to register a Nigerian domain extension (.ng) for one year.
  6. Webmasters purchasing misspelled domain names to prevent people from taking away traffic to their main site is common practice.
  7. Mike Mann bought 14,962 domains on a single day in 2012.

Hope you like the post, let us know what you think in comments section below.


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