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Kiddle Search Analysis

Google has recently launched its Kids focused search engine KIDDLE.

Kiddle comes with specifically designed features keeping kids in mind.

Some of them are:

1) Safe search:

The search results appearing for a keyword is safe for family, Kiddle filters out the explicit and misleading content from the search results.

Kiddle Search
Kiddle Search

2) Kids oriented results:

As the name suggests, the results are Kids oriented and filtered as per their relevance for kids from top to bottom.

3) Thumbnails:

Most of the results Kiddle returned are accompanied with large images, making it easier to identify the most relevant content from the search results.

Kiddle Images
Kiddle Images

Images also adds a plus for kids who cannot read faster like adults.

4) Large Arial font:

Arial font has been used in search results to make them more readable for kids.

5) Privacy:

The most important part, to keep the privacy of users, Kiddle doesn’t store any personal identifiable information of the user and clear their logs every 24 Hrs.


Kiddle as launched 2 days back and is Powered by Google, lets see how quickly its growing over internet.

Alexa Ranking:

By the time i was writing this article, domain name has already jumped 8,654,554 ranks on internet and was at a global rank of 309,371

Kiddle Alexa Rank
Kiddle Alexa Rank

Already had a bounce rate of 20.80% with search traffic of 11.30%

Kiddle Stats
Kiddle Stats

The major traffic is from India, United States and Singapore.

Kiddle Traffic
Kiddle Traffic

and have total 53 sites linking in.

Number of sites linking in to Kiddle
Kiddle Sites

Domain Name Availability:

Since ‘Kiddle’ will soon become one of the most searched keyword on internet, you might think of buying a domain name which has ‘kiddle’ in it, but you will be surprised to know that most of the variations ( Popular ) of ‘Kiddle’ domain name has already been taken. 🙂

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Kiddle Domain Names
Kiddle Domain Names

Though there are still some domain variations ( not very popular ) available for ‘Kiddle’ if you wish get one.

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Site load speed:

Pingdom tests shows that the site load speed is 107ms with a performance grade of 85/100 which is fair good.

Kiddle Speed Test
Kiddle Speed Test

Above stats shows that Kiddle would soon become a major player on Internet and this step from Google adds another cool application to its bucket.

Hope you like the post, let us know what you think about Kiddle by commenting below.


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