How to improve your Alexa Ranking

Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa, one of the most trusted Analytics on the web which ranks sites ( around top 30 million ) on the internet as per different input stats.

Improving your Alexa rank can give your business/blog a spike in credibility and an edge over your competitors. But the question remains how and why should you focus on improving your site’s Alexa rank.

I’ll start with a quick overview of Alexa Rank and how does it rank sites.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is a stat or metric which shows how your site rank among the 30 million ranked sites in the world which means it gives you a quick glance of where your site stands compared to all other sites on the web.

How Alexa calculate your rank:

Alexa has a data panel which analyzes your site’s data and estimates the number of visitors on your site as compared to all other ranked sites. Every day Alexa estimates your daily visitors and page views for last 3 months ( Doesn’t count spam/fake traffic ), and finally the site with most number of daily visitors and page views is ranked #1 while the others are ranked till 30 million.

How much traffic difference is there between top ranked and last ranked site?

This very awesome graph from Alexa shows how the traffic changes between top sites and as we move down.

Alexa Rank Graph
Alexa Rank Graph                                                                           Source:

As per the graph, there is a steep increase in the site traffic as we move up in the ranks and a very small increase in the rank means your traffic increased drastically.

But when you look at the other side of the graph you will understand that it’s totally opposite, i.e a slight increase in traffic will give you a long jump in your Alexa rank.

The top 1 Lakh sites in Alexa rank system are those which get most of the Internet’s traffic from around the globe and the rest is distributed till end of the graph.

Also, if no one from the Alexa measurement panel visits your site, you might end up with no Alexa rank at all. 🙂

How can I improve my site’s Alexa rank:

Post/Update regularly:

You want your users to come back to your site? you need to update your site regularly with the most relevant content for your visitors.

If you post regularly search engines will crawl your sites more often resulting in increased visitors to your site and ultimately increase your Alexa rank.

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SEO Techniques:

Make your content Search engine optimized, which helps your content to rank better in search results and get more visitors, giving you a better Alexa rank.

Quality Content:

Not only the regular update but the content you add also matters a lot. You should focus on the engaging content for the users, which will keep them interested in your site and will decrease the bounce rate.

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Internal Linking:

Another technique you want to consider is the internal linking of your content, which means putting links to other contents within a post/page of your site, this helps your readers to navigate with ease across your  site.

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Content Keywords:

Focus on adding the content with highest search queries around the globe, this definitely will increase your site views. Find keywords which brings in more traffic to your site. Consider using below tools to get right keword for your site.

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Inbounds Links to your site:

Get inbound links to your site by posting relevant contents across related sites. For this you can either Guest Blog on the sites which accepts it or can use question forums and online portals like Quora.

Hope you liked the post, let us know if you if you would like to share more techniques to improve site’s Alexa rank, in comments section below.


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9 thoughts on “How to improve your Alexa Ranking

  1. I am implementing all these tips and also I addition I am using alexa toolbar and alexa widget even though I am not getting good alexa rank. Can anyone suggest me how to improve alexa rank for my site.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sekhar, content is the key, a good content always bring in users hence increase your ranking.

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