Get ready for the all new look of WordPress Plugin directory

WordPress Plugin Directory Version 3

WordPress meta team is working on the third version of the WordPress plugin directory.

The expected date for making it live is 26th June, 2016. There have been two versions for this directory before and the third version is planned to have better search, easy directory modification, faster site and easier interface for the end users.

Moving back in time, we came across the launch of the newer version of the Theme Directory in Feb 2015.

This is how the look and feel of Theme Directory changed.

Theme Directory in Jan 2015:

Wordpress Theme Directory in Jan 2015
WordPress Theme Directory in Jan 2015

Theme Directory in Mar 2015:

WordPress Theme Directory Mar 2015
WordPress Theme Directory Mar 2015

Coming back to the Plugin directory, it will no longer run on the current bbPress instance, but will be powered by WordPress itself.

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All the features which this upgrade will have are:

1) Improved search:

Better search for the end users, to help them find the best plugin that fits their need.

2) Faster Frontend:

Another good thought to improve the usability by improving the frontend load time. A faster frontend means happy users.

3) Better directory navigation:

You will not have to get tired while searching for the plugin you need, better navigation across the directory will make it easier for you to quickly find what you need.

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4) Translated Plugin:

Search results will prioritize the plugins which are translated in different languages making them more useful for the international users.

5) Better plugin management:

Like we talked before, the newer version of plugin directory will make use of WordPress instead of bbPress, hence giving the Plugin contributors the familiar interface of ‘wp-admin’ to manager their plugins. Using the WordPress panel Administrators can easily approve/reject the plugins added to directory.

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The Project Page, explains each of the functionality planned in the newer version and shows all the milestones the meta team plans to achieve throughout the project life cycle.

I want to contribute, where can i participate?

You can always go the Meta Page or Make Page, and start your contribution in whatever way you can. 🙂

Do let us know what you think about this initiative from WordPress team


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