Astonishing facts about WordPress

WordPress Facts

WordPress, one of the most widely used CMS over internet. Since its inception in the year 2003, it has crossed many milestones to reach where it is today.

WordPress like most of other popular CMSs is free and launched under GNU GPLv2 license. If you have your own webspace and cPanel, you can install WordPress in seconds.

So today we bring you 7 ( 10 is so overrated ūüôā ) amazing facts about WordPress.

1) 74 Million sites use WordPress.

Yes ! around 74 Million sites on internet breathe on WordPress, that forms a huge chunk of the entire internet we know today.

Every second there is some activity ( Posts, Comments, Likes ) happening on ‘WordPress’

You can have a look at the live activity happening around the globe related to WordPress at below link.

Live WordPress Stats from around the world.

Live WordPress Stats
Live WordPress Stats                                                                                                Source :

2) More than 22.6 Billion WordPress page views every month

WordPress blogs around the globe gets more than staggering 22.6 Billion views every month, while accessed by not less than 409 Million people around the globe.

The traffic stats are increasing at a rapid rate every month, you can have a look at the Latest traffic stats on below link.

WordPress Monthly Traffic

WordPress Traffic
WordPress Traffic                                                                                        Source:

3) 44,204 Plugins available:

WordPress has an awesome directory of 44,204 plugins, you just think and they have it already.

The Plugin directory is expanding¬†daily and these plugins are downloaded¬†1,252,003,118 times¬†ūüėģ

WordPress Plugin Stats
WordPress Plugin Stats

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You can also have a look at Top WordPress Plugins.

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4) CMS of the year

No doubt, WordPress has been declared as ‘CMS of the year’ now for 6 years in a row.

As WordPress stays at top of the fastest growing CMSs in the world, w3techs shows that it stands at top, beating all the opponents for yet another year.

WordPress Best CMS
WordPress Best CMS                                                               Source:

You can also check the latest web trends on W3Techs

5) Most users from US and India

Looking at the Alexa stats for, its clear that most of the visitors landing on to page are from US and India, followed by Indonesia, Brazil and Spain.

WordPress Visitors
WordPress Visitors

You can also look at the latest Alexa stats for

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6) WordPress is free, but WordPress developers are not:

WordPress lands in one of the top desired skills for Freelancers today. If you know WordPress in and out, then you can earn up to 60$ per hour.

You can learn WordPress on its official page, WordPress Learn.

WordPress Skills
WordPress Skills

7) WordPress trademark is not owned by Automattic:

Yes, WordPress trademark is not owned by Automattic , the company which actually develop WordPress, instead it is owned by WordPress Foundation which is supporting WordPress since 2010.

WordPress Foundation
WordPress Foundation

Let us know what you think about WordPress, in the comments section below.

Also have a look at the Infographic I created.


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