All you need to know about the new Page Level Ads from Google

Page Level Ads

Google Adsense recently launched the all new ad formats focusing the mobile usability of your website. With page level ads you can make the most out of your mobile content by adding the code on the pages you want the ads to display upon and Adsense will take care of rest for you.

Page level ads are designed to in such a manner that they display ads at the ‘right time and in the right format’, that means the ads will only display when they are most likely to perform well while not affecting the user experience.

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Lets go through all the questions which may come in to your mind about Page level ads.

What are Page Level ads?

Page level ads are the latest ad formats from Adsense which target the mobile content of your site and display the ads to users when they are most likely to perform well and give a better user experience.

How many types of page level ads are there?

Currently Adsense launched two types of Page level ads ( With more coming in future )

  1. Anchor/Overlay ads
  2. Vignette Ads

1) Anchor/Overlay ads:

These type of page level ads stick to the users screen and can be dismissed by the user easily, and are shown on high end mobile devices. If the user isn’t impressed with the ads, he is just a tap away from minimizing the ads. 🙂

Google Anchor Ads
Google Anchor Ads

2) Vignette Ads

These are the full screen ads which appears between page loads of your site, similar to Anchor ads these also can be dismissed by the user easily and the tricky part here is the site page load in the background to the ads, so that if the user decides to dismiss the ad, the next page will be ready for him to view. 🙂

Google Vignette Ads
Google Vignette Ads

Will it affect the ‘Max allowed ads on a page’ ?

Nope, both of these ad types doesn’t count towards ‘ads per page’ limit. These ads are in addition to your existing ads.

Will these ads affect my site load time?

Nope, these ad types are separately loaded at background and doesn’t slow down your website.

Sounds good ! How can i implement these ads on my site?

You need to have an active Adsense account.

Just login to your Adsense account and click on ‘Page Level Ads’ on the left menu under ‘Content’ category.

Page Level Ads
Page Level Ads

Now Turn ON the types ( One or Both ) of Ads, you want to enable on your site.

Page Level Ad Types
Page Level Ad Types

Generate the code and place it inside <head> tag of the pages you want  to display ads on.

Generate Code
Generate Code

and you are done !

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How does the ads look like on site?

As page level ads display at optimal times , you need to use Test feature to get a view of how they look.

Visit any page having ad code on it and add #googleads at end or URL

Test Ads
Test Ads
Page Level Ads
Page Level Ads

Here is the official Google Adsense Video explaining Page Level Ads:

Do let us know what you think about Page Level ads in comments section below.


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4 thoughts on “All you need to know about the new Page Level Ads from Google

    1. Hi Payel,

      You need an approved AdSense account to go for Page Level Ads, post which you have to activate them on your website manually.
      Once you have activated Page Level ads, Google will take care of rest for you. 🙂

  1. Very useful article. I’ll try to share my experience. After 2 days from enabling page level ads for my website my revenues increased by aprox. 5%. However, I consider the CPC of page level ads very low (lower than some of my traditional adsense units).

Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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