All you need to know about AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )

AMP Project

There have been a recent buzz about Accelerated Mobile Pages commonly referred to as AMP. If your site have AMP pages in it then it will load faster and will be loved by search engines.

Lets talk about AMP in a bit detail:

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP ) is a technique to load static contents on your website faster than ever.

How AMP loads my contents faster?

Internet is mostly about HTML, any page that is rendered by browser uses HTML. What if we remove unnecessary parts of this HTML with a very basic support to deliver the rich contents in it? Yes ! this is AMP, AMP decreases the overall size of the page to be rendered while keeping the contents intact and drastically decreasing the page load time.

AMP uses a subset of HTML ( Called AMP HTML ) along with some basic restrictions and extensions to increase the performance while keeping the content intact on the page.

Apart from AMP HTML , we have AMP JS in place which triggers fast rendering of AMP HTML. Then we have Google AMP Cache which helps serving AMP pages to user’s browser at lightning speed.

Is AMP Cache supported only on Google?

At the moment YES, but as this project is Open Source anyone can create AMP cache of their own. Other companies can either build their own cache or can use Google’s cache at no cost.

How does AMP pages look?

You can checkout the AMP version of this post or else you can go ahead and start creating your first AMP page.

AMP Page View
AMP Page View

How can I setup AMP on my WordPress?

Once you have WordPress setup you can go ahead and install the AMP Plugin. This plugin just need an installation and then you can sit back and relax while it does the entire work for you. The plugin will dynamically generate AMP-Compatible pages which you can check out by appending /amp in the URL.


How will I know if my AMP pages are working correctly?

Just paste in the AMP URL of your page in AMP Validator  to check if it all looks good.

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How can I instruct Google to index my AMP pages?

Once activated Google will eventually pick your AMP pages and index them, but you need to keep an eye on any of the Google webmaster’s console errors you come across with after enabling AMP.

Google also provide suggestions to get these errors fixed right in your Google Webmasters.

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Google AMP Error Fix
Google AMP Error Fix

 Here’s a small video from Google Developers about AMP

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