Google’s latest and improved Analytics looks very exciting

Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics is an integral part of your online marketing strategy and plays a vital role in helping you get the insights of all the activities happening on your site.

Ajay Nainani ( @ajayn23 ), Project Manager on Google Analytics made an announcement where he gave a glance of all the upcoming changes being rolled out.

The focus of these changes will be

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Better Customization
  3. Simplified Views
  4. Targeted Login

Easy navigation:

The updated navigation will be using Google’s Material design while the ‘Admin’ menu item will be removed and pinned to the bottom of navigation. Adding to this you will have an option to resize the navigation bar on the left, giving you more space to work out with your reporting.

Google Analytics Interface Change
Google Analytics Interface Change

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Better Customization:

With a lot changing around customization, Google has decided to remove the scattered around reporting types and put everything under ‘Customization’ menu on the left navigation bar.

Google Analytics Report Under Customization Menu
Google Analytics Report Under Customization Menu

Simplified Views:

Google Analytics will be replacing ‘Home’ menu which was previously used to switch between properties to a single picker header using which you can switch between properties from any page.

Google Updated Property Switcher
Google Updated Property Switcher

Targeted Login:

The update will bring a feature where you will directly be pointed towards your last Google Analytics view when you login back.

Adding to above mentioned changes, we have a couple of more in Google’s basket like:

  • Adjustable date ranges.
  • Removal of automatic intelligence events.
  • Removal of in-page analytics report.

As Google says, these changes will be rolled out in upcoming weeks and is expected to improve the all together Analytics experience of the user. Let us know what you think of this step from Google in comments section below.

Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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