You sure you got your AMP right? why not test it with Google?

Google AMP Test

Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP ) have given an altogether new shape to the page rendering over user’s browser. The lightning fast speed which AMP brings to any site is attracting eyes from all over the world.

The ability to customize AMP pages and integrating well for SEO has again opened up limitless possibilities to get the best out of your AMP.

But once you setup AMP on your site pages, you need to make sure that they follow proper guidelines and can be rendered correctly on end user’s browser. For this Google recently launched a tool in their search console called ‘AMP Test’.

How can I test my AMP pages?

Go to Google’s AMP Test Tool

Google AMP test tool
Google AMP test tool

Once you get on the AMP test page, you just need to put in AMP URL for your page in the ‘Enter a URL to test’ field.

Remember, if you have AMP enabled on your site, your AMP URL will be your post URL followed by /AMP


After you hit enter, you will be asked to fill in captcha,followed by analysis of your AMP pages.

AMP Test Tool Captcha
AMP Captcha
AMP Page Analysis
AMP Page Analysis

If your page is AMP enabled then you will see a ‘Valid AMP Page’ message

Valid AMP page
Valid AMP page

In case, your AMP is not implemented correctly, you will get an error message stating ‘Not a Valid AMP Page’.

Invalid AMP Page error
Invalid AMP Page error

Go ahead and check if your AMP page is really following AMP guidelines.

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