Google Optimize (Beta) – Request your Invite Now !

Google has been extensively working on face lifting its existing applications and adding some more ‘out of the box’ ideas into its bucket.

After working on redesign for Analytics, Google soon will be launching Google Optimize.

Google Optimize will let you know which part on your site engages most of your users and how you can deliver them in the best way to your potential customers.

Still in Beta phase, Google Optimize is built upon Analytics and will give you a flexibility to test what matters and what can be improved.

You can request for an Invite, on Optimize page.

To request an invite go to Google Optimize Invite Page

Google Optimize Invite Page
Google Optimize Invite Page

Fill in your email ID and hit ‘Request an Invite’


Do let us know what you think about Google Optimize in comments section below.

Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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