7 things which can lead to your AdSense blocked

Adsense Blocked

AdSense is one of the most sought after Ad network among publishers, not only because of the high payouts but also because of a great flexibility in the ad formats it provide.

Getting approval for an AdSense account is a tough task, but maintaining it is tougher. Knowingly or unknowingly people do tend to violate AdSense policies and finally land up with their account blocked.

Here are some tips which will help you prevent your AdSense account from being blocked:

1) Don’t use other’s content:

Don't use Copyright Material
Don’t use Copyright Material

The first thing to keep in mind as an AdSense publisher is not to use other’s copyright content on your site. Google strongly recommend using your original content and prevent use of any material which is not yours to monetize your site.

2) Misleading Content Layout:

Misleading Content on site
Misleading Content on site

Your content should be organized in a manner that it doesn’t encourage user to click on Ads, even if you blend your ads well within content, you need to make sure it doesn’t push user to click on them.

Invalid clicks are tracked by Google and are considered as violation of policy, which can even cause your AdSense being blocked.

3) Adult/Violent Content:

Adsense Content Policy
Adsense Content Policy

Do not publish Explicit or Violent content on your site, doing so can result in violation of AdSense policies and you might end up loosing your account for this.

4) Forceful attention:


Forced attention for clicking ads
Forced Attention

Forcing user to click on ads using visuals or moving animations, and geting user’s unwanted attention is also not allowed under AdSense policy.

5) Clicking own ads:

Clicking Own Ads on Adsense
Clicking Own Ads

Want to reach payment threshold quick? Don’t click your own ads, yes ! clicking your own ads can cause you a loss of your AdSense account as they too are considered invalid.

6) Add value to user:

Add Value to user
Add Value to User

Make content ( original ) which adds value to your readers, any content which doesn’t hold a tag of ‘original’ may trigger a policy violation rule on Google AdSense.

7) Don’t modify AdSense code:

Don't Modify AdSense code
Don’t Modify AdSense code

You think you are a great Coder? Don’t mess with AdSense code. Yes, don’t change or modify the adsense code to get more revenue out of it, this will result in your account being blocked.

You are given lots of customization features within your account, use those instead of playing around with AdSense code.


Go ahead and verify these checkpoints on your site before you get blocked by Google.

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