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WordPress Theme Detector

Themes play a major role in building a site’s identity and credibility, you might have seen some WordPress sites with a cool looking layout and have wondered ‘What Theme is it using?’ .

Though WordPress gives flexibility of creating child themes, there still are many websites who directly use themes from WordPress directory.

For your curiosity, the moment i was writing this post i was using Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme for this blog.

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With tonnes of themes available in WordPress Theme Directory, how can you identify which theme is under action for a site.

Well, for this you just need to use an online tool called wpthemedetector

WordPress Theme Detector
WordPress Theme Detector

Once you get to the site, just pate the URL you want to find theme for

WordPress Theme Details
WordPress Theme Details

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This tool will not only give you the Theme details but will also show:

  • The theme version.
  • Download link.
  • Theme Author.
  • Theme Description.
  • Free/Paid theme.
  • Theme Popularity.
  • Theme License details.
  • License URL.
  • The tags being used in Theme.
  • WordPress Configuration.
  • Alexa Rank for site.

Apart from all these, wpthemedetector will also tell you which plugins the site is using.

Website Plugins
Website Plugins

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So go ahead and check out which theme a site is using.

Do let us know if you have come across with better tools for identifying WordPress site’s theme.

Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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