Why I moved to DuckDuckGo from Google for my searches?

Duck Duck Go Search Engine
DuckDuckGo search engine policies
DuckDuckGo search engine policies

Yes, this is the message you get when you hit www.duckduckgo.com on your browser.

I have no idea what these guys are talking about, tell me what is it?

For those, who don’t know what DuckDuckGo is, it is a SearchEngine.

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What ! why would i need a new search engine if i have Google?

Well, the search engines like Google and Bing keep track of your search queries. Whenever you search for a keyword on them, those queries are then sent to Google ( for instance ) and the site whose link you clicked, adding to this your user-agent and IP information is also visible to the site you searched for.

How does DuckDuckGo help with this?

DuckDuckGo ( a funny name for a SearchEngine 🙂 ) prevents this ‘information leakage’ by routing your search queries in such a way that the site visited won’t know your search terms.

But they will still know i visited them?

Yes, they will know ‘you visited them’.

How can I even stop these sites from knowing i visited them?

To make yourself totally anonymous on internet, you can consider using Tor with DuckDuckGo or you can use !proxy domain-name (Eg: !proxy example.com) in DuckDuckGo search bar, which will route your search through a proxy.

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What else i get from DuckDuckGo?

Using DuckDuckGo has many advantages apart from privacy, like

  • No targeted search results ( They wont know your ‘interests’ ).
  • No targeted ads ( makes your life easy ).
  • No saved search terms.

Ok! thats fine, but will i get better search experience ?

If you are really serious about your search privacy and are annoyed of google keeping track of your search queries, locations, time stamps etc. then I would suggest using DuckDuckGo can definitely give you a better search experience with the most generic contents coming out from searches.

How much Traffic does DuckDuck go get?

You can check out its traffic stats on its Traffic Page.

How does DuckDuckGo earn revenue?

As mentioned on its Wikipedia page, DuckDuckGo is:

  1. Serving ads from the Yahoo-Bing search alliance network, and
  2. Affiliate relationships with several companies

Hmm, sounds great, what else should i know about  DuckDuckGo?

  • 50% of DuckDuckGo’s users are from the US, 45% from Europe and the remaining 5% from Asia-Pacific.
  • Caine Tighe was the first official employee of company, before that DuckDuckGo’s founder was only the full-time contributor.

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You can also check DuckDuckGo’s timeline to know more, and don’t forget to mention the reason why you liked DuckDuckGo, in comments section below.

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