They Hacked Google Pixel in 60 Seconds

Google Pixel Hacked

Chinese Hackers did it again 🙂 and this time like a boss. They hacked ‘Pixel’ a much talked about phone launched by Google this year and that too in just 60 seconds. Sounds crazy? but true, at a security conference in Seoul the Chinese hackers team Qihoo 360 managed to exploit Pixel’s vulnerability for remote code execution ultimately leaving the phone’s contacts, photos, messages and calls vulnerable.

The hacker team got a whooping sum of $120,000 by Google for uncovering this vulnerability in their latest device.

This all happened in Pwnfest, which is a ‘Bug pwning Festival’ happening every year. The teams participating were able to uncover vulnerabilities in other applications as well which include Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Edge, VMware workstation and Apple Safari.

Team List Pwnfest
Team List Pwnfest

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