Is it safe to remove ‘Hello Dolly’ Plugin ?

Hello Dolly Plugin

Once you start with your WordPress site, the first thing you see will be a weird named plugin called ‘Hello Dolly’, you might have wondered whether to keep it installed or remove it.

What is Hello Dolly plugin?

Hello Dolly is one of the pre-installed plugins which comes with WordPress package. The description on the WordPress Plugin directory is as follows:

This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in two words sung most famously by Louis Armstrong.

What this plugin does?

This plugin just displays random lyrics from the ‘Hello Dolly’ song performed by ‘Louis Armstrong’.

Hello Dolly Plugin
Hello Dolly Plugin

Is it safe to remove Hello Dolly ?

The answer is Yes!, you can ¬†delete this plugin without impacting your WordPress installation in anyway. This plugin doesn’t fulfill any practical purpose and is there just because of the history linked with it.

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