NMIMS EMBA Interview Experience 2017-2019 Batch

NMIMS Executive MBA Interview experience

Here is an off topic post, but I would like to share my interview experience for the EMBA ( Executive MBA ) program offered at NMIMS University, Mumbai with you all.


After finishing my 5 years of professional work experience I felt a need of a formal management education which could give me a kick-start into my future role as a manager.


After filling in the online application form, I received a call letter from the NMIMS university for a written Exam and Personal Interview. It was 14th Jan, 2017, the reporting time was morning 9AM so I preferred to take a cab instead of using a public transport.


I reached NMIMS at around 9AM and was asked to make an entry into register by security guard before he let me in, once I entered the campus I was stunned by the campus infrastructure, and it didn’t take me much time to understand why this college is among top B-Schools in India. I was told the interview process will be at 4th floor, so I took lift and reached at the classroom where the entire process was undergoing.

Reached College:

I entered the classroom and there were around 30-40 people dressed in formals having experience ranging from 5 to 20 years. Soon they started off with the process and the program chairman gave a short briefing about the program immediately followed by distribution of exam papers and allotment of 1.5 hr time for the written exam.

The written exam was having 100 questions which we had to finish in 1.5 Hr. Paper had a good blend of questions ranging from simple to lengthy and time-consuming questions. The good news here was that there wasn’t a negative marking, so it is advisable to attempt all questions, but still you need to manage your time judiciously. 🙂

After completion of written exam, we were given a tea break for 15 mins ( Tea and some snacks offered by institute ), post which started the Interview process. I was 6th or 7th in the first slot and a person called me when my turn came and took me towards the rooms where interviews were happening.

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I reached at the room and the previous candidate was wrapping up by that time, I knocked the door and took permission to enter the room. There were 2 senior panelists, one lady and one gentleman.

They asked  me to take a seat while pointing towards a chair placed at a distance from their table.


Panelist 1 ( Lady ): How are you feeling Abhinav, tensed?

Me: Yes a bit tensed. 😀

Panelist 2 : Looked at my profile and then turned towards me and said ‘Start’.

I didn’t say anything, though I knew he wanted me to start with my self introduction, but still I waited for him to ask that particular question ( if I would have started without him asking, it would have created an impression that I just came with a ‘recorded’ self introduction and played it even though the question wasn’t asked ).

Panelist 2 : Smiled a bit and said “Tell us about yourself Abhinav”

Me: Gave my introduction…schooling…graduation….work experience etc.

Panelist 2: ( Asked a question in between ) The award you got in your organization, was it financial or non financial?

Me: The award I just mentioned was non-financial, but I got another award in my organization which was financial.

Panelist 2: How much was the amount ?

Me: ‘xxxx’ Indian rupees.

Panelist 1 :  So…tell us name of your company CEO.

Me: India CEO or Group CEO ?

Panelist 1: Whoever is the overall CEO

Me:  India CEO is Mr……. and Group CEO Mr…….. 🙂

Panelist 1: What is the turnover of your company

Me: Told….

Panelist 1: Who got the Nobel award for peace this year

Me: Told some name….

Panelist 1: No, that was last year, I am asking about recent announcement.

Me: Not aware Ma’am sorry.

Panelist 1: OK, so was it Indian or not?

Me: Not Indian.

Panelist 1: OK, so how do you think Donald Trump’s policies will affect Indian IT industry.

Me: Gave a very detailed answer ( Both panelist looked satisfied with answer )

Panelist 1: How much percentage Service industry play into Indian GDP.

Me: (Wasn’t aware of exact answer, so generalized it) Service industry plays a big chunk into our GDP….

Panelist 1: No, tell me exact percentage….

Me: Sorry, I am not aware of exact percentage.

Panelist 1: Take a guess…

Me: Around 40%

Panelist 1: Are you sure? 40% is quite a lot.

Me: Not sure Ma’am.

The Interview took some more time, panelists asked some other questions around my job profile and roles…overall the interview went well.

Total time taken : Around 20 mins.

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Verdict: Selected. 🙂

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  1. Hi Abhi,

    Thanks for sharing information on NMIMS EMBA.was really helpful .need some more information on the same.please share your email id.awaiting ur response .Thanks Amit

  2. Hi,

    Congrats for the great achievement.really appreciate if I get more information on nmims emba.sharing my email id

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