Firefox focus-Your privacy for less than 4 MB

Firefox Focus

Mozilla has taken online privacy to an altogether new level, and has launched a sleek, light, secure and easy to use browser for your devices called Firefox Focus.

Firefox focus
Firefox focus

Mozilla claim that this 4 MB ( Android version ) browser prevent your online privacy like no one else does. Focus prevents your privacy with an inbuilt ad-blocker and saves you from annoying ads displaying all over the webpage. Adding to this Focus saves its users from trackers which collect your data secretly and keeps an eye on your web activity.

Firefox Focus Screenshot
Firefox Focus Screenshot

Focus also gives you a single button to clear all your session history, passwords and cookies, once you are done with your session or whenever you feel like, just tap on it and you are done !

The browser comes with lots of settings to customize your experience for secure browsing.

Firefox Focus Settings
Firefox Focus Settings

Blocking down the ads also means that the end user will have a faster load time for the web pages he wish to see.

Here is a small video from Mozilla.

Download Android version HERE

Download Apple Store version HERE

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