Mozilla Common Voice – Donate your voice and make a difference

Mozilla Common Voice

Mozilla always come up with interesting ideas, and yet again they launched a project called ‘Common Voice’. With this project rolling out, Mozilla want to release the voice technology to common man which currently is dominated by big organizations.

‘Common Voice’ is an Open-Source voice recognition engine which can further be used in creating innovative apps for different platforms whether it be mobile or web. This project will make voice recognition technology accessible to everyone.

You can contribute to this project by 2 major ways:

  • Donating your voice
  • Validating donations

Donating your voice:

You can contribute by donating your voice to the project by reading the sentences displayed.

Donate your voice HERE

Voice Donations Common Voice project
Voice Donations Common Voice project

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Validating donations:

You can also contribute by listening and validating the donations submitted by other users.

Validate HERE

Voice Validation Common Voice project
Voice Validation Common Voice project

So go ahead and make a difference.

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