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WHMCS Web Hosting Business

WHMCS is undoubtedly one of the major automation tool for the web hosting providers across the globe, it provides all the flexibility and features to help you run your own web hosting business smoothly.

Running a web hosting business involves managing multiple services across different platforms and service providers, WHMCS as a platform manages all the activities right from the customer management to billing/invoicing and support.

This is a single platform which performs all these tasks smoothly  for you so that you can actually focus on growing your business instead of getting yourself occupied in the these activities.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a centralized platform to manage/automate all the activities of a web hosting business. It integrated well with all the leading control panels, third-party service providers and payment platforms.

WHMCS Features:

Web Hosting:

As a platform WHMCS takes care of the entire end to end cycle right from the service initiation/allocation till the termination.

It takes care of creation,deletion, modification of the services and helps the web hosting provider overcome the task of manual interventions for each and every step of the user cycle.

Single Sign-On:

With WHMCS you can have a single sign-on for all of the services you have, thus removing the hassle of remembering too many credentials for different applications.

Service Management:

WHMCS also provides the facility to automatically scale up or down the services as per the customer need, you don’t have to manually take care of all these activities.

Domain Management:

WHMCS integrates with almost all the major domain registrars so that you don’t have to worry about managing, renewing and migrating domains.

Billing and Invoicing:

One of the cool things which WHMCS does is that it provide businesses with a platform to perform all the billing and invoicing activities with ease.

WHMCS takes care of all the billing needs which ranges from invoice generation, payment reminders and recurring billing services. You just need to sit back and relax while this powerful tool takes care of all your invoicing needs.

Apart from legacy billing needs, WHMCS also takes care of multi currency transaction, coupons management, taxes/VAT, billing cycles, late fees, refunds and email notifications. It also integrates seamlessly with PayPal for different payment needs.


The most important part of any web hosting business is a good support, WHMCS takes care of this critical need pretty smoothly.

With its inbuilt features like departments, email piping, ticket management, escalation management, custom fields and file attachment flexibility, it gives web hosting businesses a great flexibility while serving their customer requests.

Apart from the core support services , WHMCS also provides web hosting companies with features like knowledgebase, announcements, downloads and network status for any upgrades going on the system.

Developer Friendly:

WHMCS being built over a modular architecture gives web hosting companies a great flexibility and options to setup the different APIs , Apps and Hooks thus enabling developers to customize it as per the need.

Backed by a huge community WHMCS is a one stop solution for all the web hosting needs.

WHMCS Integrates with:

WebHosting Control Panels:

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin
  • SolusVM
  • Virtualizer
  • sslstore

Payment Gateways:

  • Paypal
  • EVO payments international
  • 2checkout
  • Stripe
  • Bitpay

Domain Registrars:

  • Enom
  • Resellerclub
  • OpenSRS
  • LogicBoxes
  • Namecheap
  • Nominet


WHMCS also gives you a flexibility to customize the client facing pages with the theme of your choice, you can select the theme which suits the best with your brand image and can deploy it with a few clicks.

ThemeChilly is one of the major players where you can find the right WHMCS theme at a great price.

ThemeChilly now and kick-start your web hosting business today.

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