Some funny and interesting domain name directories you can still register on

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Domaining has evolved as an altogether new way of making money with digital assets, it is estimated that the domain buy/sell industry has a potential of around $250-500 million annually. People do buy interesting domain names, just to sell it at a later stage to big investors/corporates who wish to own that domain, either to start a business by the same name or sell it to the next client.

The good thing about domaining is that you are ready to buy/sell with just the basic understanding of buying trends of customers, availability of interesting names or names which people would like to buy.

When I say ‘interesting’ it comes in by default that the domain name is either easy to remember/type or has a name which people cannot resist buying or has a name very similar to a big brand.

Some of the domain names sold at an incredibly high price are:

  • — $1,750,000
  • — $1,261,000
  • — $1,500,000
  • — $1,350,000
  • — $1,500,000
  • — $1,659,000
  • — $1,200,000
  • — $1,700,000
  • — $1,525,000

You get the drill 🙂

Though now we are at a stage where almost all the ‘interesting’ domains from the most common gTLDs (Like .com, .co, .biz ) are already taken, but not to worry, recently there have been tones of new gTLDs released for public registrations and its time you put your hands in and get the catch of your lifetime.

Here I’ll be talking about some cool directories where you can still have the catch of your life waiting for you.


After recent domain name setup from Google for its parent company Alphabet( ) .xyz gTLD has become very popular and this directory suits best for a funny, random content websites or blogs.



A good domain directory for personal sites, which can probably be registered for celebrities or influencers.



Again a great domain extension for an influencer or a celebrity who would like to have a website registered by their name.

Also potential use of this directory can be to setup a website which displays different names of people.



A domain directory which can be used to write bio or celebrities, influencers or great people from the past. This directory can also be used by a person to write about his own life experiences.



The name says by itself, this domain can be used to create websites which talks about families. You can also have a family private website developed on this domain registry.



A domain directory suited to talk about games, develop a gaming website or create game wikis.



Talk about a specific town on this domain. This can have a great website developed on it which will help tourists understand and learn about a town.



A great domain directory to showcase some of the limited edition products which are premium in their respective categories.



Funny, Interesting, Meme based or some random facts can be displayed on this domain directory.



Display discount coupons, codes or offers on a website designed over this domain directory. A good coupon site has a potential of earning a lot.



Developing a website for financial institutes, banks or investors on this directory can be the optimal usage of ‘.financial’.


.blue, .pink, .red

Some colorful domain directories to display some colorful contents. Has potential to back a great business model.



Develop social media, display contents/articles on domain registered over this directory. Good to setup your ‘social’ business.



Write reviews about products/services on domain name registered over this directory and you can earn a decent amount.


Go get your domain name now !

Excited to hear from you, comment below !

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