10 things to consider before buying a web hosting

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Once you decide that you want to take your business online,  the next step is buying the right hosting for you. The ‘right’ hosting varies person to person, but there are some standards which you can consider before getting a space on the web.

Here I am taking you through 10 criterias which you should consider before shedding your money for a webhosting.

1) Budget :

The first and foremost thing is not the price hosting is offered at, instead how much YOU want to spend on it, that means you need to understand the fact that the web hosting can be as cheap as $1 a month and may go up as much as $144 per month. You need to understand and decide how much you are willing to spend on web hosting, so keep aside a budget first.

2) Hosting Provider:

The next step is considering the Hosting providers (offering service in your country) which fits into your budget range. You may land up having a long list of service providers which may confuse you. Now its time to read some reviews for the hosting providers and cut short the list further.

You may consider following review sites for user reviews of Hosting Providers:

Also do read Quora for some good information around Web Hosting Providers.

3) Trial Period:

There are some hosting providers which give you a free trial of their services, exploit this ! create trial accounts on these service providers and try to explore as much as possible while keeping in mind your requirements, and check whether they fulfill your expectations or not.

4) Uptime:

Uptime is one of the major factor which differentiate the good and the bad hosting providers, and remember there is a huge difference between 99.9% and 99.99% uptime.

Say your hosting provider give you 99.9% uptime guaranteed ( Do some math )

Days in an year : 365

99.9% of 365 = 364.635 which means you may face a downtime of around 9.6 hrs in an year

Say your hosting provider give you 99.99% uptime guaranteed

Days in an year : 365

99.99% of 365 = 364.9635 = which means you may face a downtime of around 0.96 hrs in an year

Same applies for some service providers who offer 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

5) Pingtime:

Check for the average ping time to the servers of hosting provider, prefer servers in your own country unless you have international clients, this will decrease your ping time and will load your sites faster.

6) Hosting Panels:

Do verify which hosting panels the service provider is giving with your hosting plan, there are many hosting panels available in market today but the major players are cPanel and Plesk, preferably cPanel as it is backed by a huge community and they are into business for quite some time now.

7) SLAs:

Once you are in trial period, do verify the SLAs for the support tickets you raise, ideally you should have resolution within 2-4 hrs , if its taking more than you may want to reconsider the option.

8) Dedicated Manager:

Do check if the hosting provider is assigning a dedicated Account manager to your account, this guy is the first point of contact for you to get some quick resolutions, information or ongoing offers. A dedicated account manager gives a level of trust and a face to your hosting partner.

9) Single Click script installations:

Do check if the hosting panels offered by your service provider has one click script installations like Softaculous panel, trust me this reduces your effort a lot. You can install available scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop on a single click.

Also check if your hosting panel has Lets Encrypt SSL installation facility, this way you can secure your websites free of cost.

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10) Support:

The MOST important feature is the support, do check what are working hours of support department of your hosting provider ( usually it is 24/7 ) and check for the modes of support level they offer like live chat, email, member panel, call, sms ( dedicated account manager ). Also check if the hosting provider has an app of its own, so that you can raise support requests on the go and doesn’t have to carry your laptop everywhere.

Hope this article helped you understand and take a final call for the hosting provider which suits your requirements the best. Good Luck and Happy hosting. 🙂

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