Simple and Private file sharing with Firefox Send

Simple Large File Sharing Firefox

Sending large files has always been an issue, you might have considered options like gDrive, Dropbox, Mail boxes or any other third party tools.

Firefox team has come up with a very simple and user friendly tool to send files privately with anyone. The service is called Firefox Send, and an anonymous user can send a file upto 1GB while a logged in user can send upto 2.5GB.

The interface is pretty neat and easy, and it is capable of sharing files with end to end encryption using a link which can expire automatically after it has been used certain number of times, making sure your data doesn’t stay on internet forever.

Firefox Send Simple and Private File sharing

How to send files using Firefox Send?

Go to and click on ‘Select files to upload’ OR you can directly drag and drop them.

Choose when the link expires, either after number of certain downloads OR after certain number of days.

You may also choose to Password protect your file download.

Firefox Send uploading file.

Click on ‘Upload’ and your file will now be uploaded.

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Firefox Send File Uploaded

Once uploaded you’ll get the download link, which you can share with someone to download the file.

Firefox Send file sharing link.

When the link is opened, you can easily download the file.

Firefox Send file download

If the file is password protected, then Firefox Send will ask for the password at receiver’s end while downloading the file.

Firefox Send file download password
Firefox Send file downloaded

If the link was set to expire after certain number of downloads of days, then it will show “The link has expired” message.

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Firefox Send download link expired

Go ahead and try Firefox Send now, to share large files with your friends.

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