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[UPDATED] – How to Capture Email before Downloading a File in WordPress

How to Capture email before download

I previously created a post on How to Capture Email before Downloading a File in a post on WordPress, and I talked about three plugins which when clubbed together can do the trick.

  1. Email before Download
  2. Contact Form 7
  3. WordPress Download Monitor

But recently the support for Email before Download plugin has been discontinued and it hasn't been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. The issues with any plugin which is regularly not maintained are security and stability.

Email Before Download Plugin Support. For downloading a file before user, customer, reader downloads a file from wordpress form
Email Before Download Plugin Support

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So I worked towards looking for a workaround, and then I came across a Plugin which can serve the purpose, not in the exact manner but in a pretty neat and stable way.

The plugin is called Email Download Link, its details shows that it has been tested till WordPress 5.2.1 at the time this post was written which is the latest version. The Plugin Support Forum also shows that it has been regularly discussed.

Working Email download link plugin to create a link for document download from wordpress form, Email before download alternative
Email download link menu item

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How to use Email Download Link? :

Step 1: Install the plugin Email Download Link from the WordPress plugin repository

Step 2: Once installed you will see 'Download Link' item on the left menu

Email download link menu item for creating the download link
Email download link menu item

Step 3: Go to Downloads > Add New > Enter the download link details:

Email download link details page to enter the download details like link, title, group, expiration date and URL refresh
Email download link details page.

Step 4: Once you submit the details, you'll get a short code for the download:

Email download link submission and short codes to embed on wordpress page for capturing email before file download
Email download link submission and short codes

Step 5: You can now paste the respective shortcode in any page/post and you will see Name and Email fields with a 'send download link' button on the frontend.

Email download link shortcode insertion in post for websorm to capture email
Email download link shortcode insertion in post
Frontend of post with email download link and form which captures email before downloading
Frontend of post with email download link

Step 6: Once you enter details and submit, you'll see a confirmation message:

Form to capture data and a success message showing that Download link sent successfully to your email address
Form to capture data

Step 7: And on the mentioned email address, you'll get the email with the link to file:

Download link in email after form is submitted
Download link in mail

And the admin user will receive the submission details in a different mail:

Captured email details appear in admin email box along with other details asked for
Captured email details

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Hope this will work for you, please feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below.

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    thanks so much for the post! I was looking since forever for a seamless plugin, and you did that for me thanks!

  2. Avatar

    I tried this and was very hopeful. However, the downloaded pdf doesn’t work and it’s sending 4 emails for each submission. The download ends up being just 2kb. Not sure why — using 5.2.3??

Excited to hear from you, comment below !