Who owns GoogleSucks.com domain name?

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Google Sucks[DOT]com is an interesting domain name, isn’t it? lets know more about it.

A good domain name can be catch of a lifetime, and can make you millions.

On one side an easy and short domain name can fetch you a good traffic, while on the other side if you have some interesting keywords on the domain name then the search engines can give you a better rank for the related keywords.

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Domain names also play an important role for a business or company, some companies pay a lot to fetch a domain name having their name in it.

Also there have been a trend where companies buy similar domains as their primary ones to avoid any competition while ranking on search engines and to prevent potential credibility loss.

The Trend:

There was a trend in the past where people used to register domain names to criticize a person or company, these sites are called gripe sites.

Such sites like (CompanyName)sucks.com, were biggest threat to Company’s reputation, as they were created just to defame a person, place, politician, corporation etc.

Hence before anyone else could buy GoogleSucks.com, Google on  15 Oct, 1999 right next year it was founded, registered this domain under its authority.

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Yes ! you heard it right, Google itself registered this domain GoogleSucks.com to prevent the company from any potential defamation.

If you check the WhoIs database, you will see that this domain belongs to Google Inc. and was registered on 1999-10-15.

Google Domain Who Is Data and registrar information
Google Sucks Domain WhoIs Data

Throughout internet history, Companies have sued the gripe site owners for the defamation they have done, and have taken action against them.

There are still many Gripe sites running on internet like screw-paypal[DOT]com, OrlandoFloridaSucks[DOT]com, MitsubishiSucks[DOT]com etc.

Wasn’t it interesting to know that the proud owner of the domain name Googlesucks.com is google itself, do let us know your thoughts in comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Who owns GoogleSucks.com domain name?

  1. I own GoogleSucks.mobi.

    Nobody has ever offered to buy it from me.
    At one time when I was bored, I forwarded itbto a adult website befitting of its partial name.

    After a while,I unforwarded it because that was just TACKY. Google never did anything bad to me.

    In fact, I cannot imagine life without Google.

    Would I sell it to an unknown buyer for $5 million dollars without knowing what they would do with it????

    INTERESTINGLY, MY DOMAIN REGISTRAR refuses to permit me to list the domain for sale on its auction website.

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