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Faster, Easier, Flexible …. Streamline has it all !


Icon packs have always been popular among the developers and webmasters, these icons not only make the app user friendly but also visually appealing. Correct implementation of icons can make a huge difference, they replace the traditional image implementation and improve the page load time.

About Streamline:

There are many icon packs available in market but one of the most popular ones is Streamline icons. With whooping more than 30,000 icons this library is the world’s largest icon pack till date. It includes all the icons in 3 distinct weights namely Light, Regular and Bold which are categorized into 53 categories and 720 sub categories to meet needs of different users.

One the most versatile and detailed icon pack Streamline include icons for almost everything and the categories range as:

  • User Interface
  • Social Media
  • Programming
  • Business
  • Design
  • Avatars
  • Ecology and so on…

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They even have their own app to browse, search and download icons right from your browser.

Streamline Icon App
Streamline Icon App

Streamline has focused on making the icons fast and easy to use, it also gives you an .iconjar which you can simply import to your project. The icon pack supports all interfaces like websites, mobile apps or a simple slide deck.

Streamline iPhone icons
Streamline iPhone icons

Streamline Apple watch icons
Streamline Apple watch icons

The icon sets come in two package types Essential and Ultimate, these packages include following file types

.iconjar .sketch .fig .svg .ai .pdf .png

And access to the Streamline App upto 5 users.

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The essential plan covers 14 categories of icons while the Ultimate plan covers all 53 categories.

Streamline Icon Plans

You also get a Free plan with 100 different icons and 3 weight categories. Go ahead and get your icon pack for all your business needs from Streamline now.

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