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‘You’re wasting over 96% of your advertising budget

Yes, that’s what guys from Instapage claims. We all know that a great landing page can do wonders and give your business an edge over your competitors. Essentially Landing page is where the conversion happens.

Instapage is an end to end landing page solution for business of any size. It offers personalised advertising experience.

Who doesn’t want more conversions for their products/services, that is why Instapage maximizes ROI for your digital marketing campaigns.

Instapage-upto 400% more conversions
Instapage-upto 400% more conversions

Will it work with my existing Ad Platform?

Yes, Instapage works with majority of Ad Platforms including Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

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Can I create mobile friendly pages using Instapage?

Ofcourse you can, this solution gives you mobile ready optimized landing pages in minutes, that too without any need of developer. It gives you Instablocks, which are predesigned set of templates you can use across landing pages. If you mark the block as global, then the changes made on one page reflects across all the pages using that block. Else if you wish to create your own block from scratch, boom! you can do that as well.

Instapage creates scalable post click experience for your visitors, the unlimited A/B testing feature and support for Google AMP will help you create lightning fast and high conversion landing pages.

This platform also integrates seamlessly with many third party CRMs, eMail Marketing, advertising and optimisation solutions.

This tool gives you industry’s first collaboration platform for faster feedback and increased efficiency.

Instapage - Team Collaboration
Instapage – Team Collaboration

You are worried about your pages under review, how about password protected feature from Instapage to securely invite team members and external stakeholders.

Instapage - Password Protection
Instapage – Password Protection

Can I use my own domain to publish Instapages?

Yes, you can use ‘Custom Domain’ feature to give desired URLs to your landing pages. Instapage also integrates well with many content creation platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Facebook etc.

Instapage - Custom Domain
Instapage – Custom Domain

The heatmaps feature helps you to identify and track mouse movements, clicks and scroll depths from your potential customers, this can help you understand how users are interacting with your pages and what components or part of page is getting more eyes.


Instapage is a cloud based platform using Google and Amazon cloud services, which means your data is in safe hands. On top of this you get SSL certificate for all your pages, which means the data flow is end to end encrypted.

Go ahead and increase your conversion rates using InstaPage

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