Is WordPress the best option for an aspiring freelance web developer?

Wordpress for Freelancers

Can WordPress be used by Freelancers to kick start their business ? WordPress as a platform is great, no doubt about that. But is it really restricted to Blogging? My experience says NO. It can be used as a tool to kick start your freelancing business with minimal infrastructure and technical expertise.

All through these years I have understood that Freelancing is not an easy task, hold on! don’t change your mind yet. 🙂 With most of the work landing in hands of established market players and a cut throat competition when it comes to pricing model, it gets challenging to explain how we are making a difference to our potential clients.

Defining the scope:

As a freelancer you need to understand your customers, and the truth about that small shop owner next to your house is that he just want a simple informative website ( in most of the cases ) and is just looking for a small presence on internet. So why overwhelm him with technicalities and difficult pricing models ?

Also don’t push yourself to get a million dollar project on day one, its ok to reach out to small businesses in your locality and explain them how you can give them an online presence and a ‘justifiable’ price.

Having a basic understanding of WordPress can give you a decent flow of cash as a part time freelancer.

Why WordPress for Freelancers ?

WordPress is mostly thought of as a Blogging platform, but its not true. While it supports blogging in a seemless manner, but you should not underestimate its power when it comes to desigining professional business websites.

Lets talk about factors making WordPress as first choice for freelancers to land their first project.

Free of cost:

WordPress is free content management system with no cost involved in downloading it. Its a ready to use package which either you can setup locally or can install directly on your web hosting.

With most of web hosting panels now providing a single click installation for WordPress instances, it has become much more easier and faster to give quick turnarounds to your clients.

You must be thinking, how a FREE tool can help me earn ? Well, you must remember, WordPress is free, but WordPress developers are not. Some expert developers charge a handsome amount for their work.

Easy Installation:

Not only the cost benefit, but the ease of setting up WordPress gives you an edge and frees you from the difficulty of setting up infrastructure and different deployement tools along with testing sandboxes.

WebHosting panels like cPanel and Plesk are now offering one-click installation of WordPress along with the Database setup, and security policies. Even if your hosting provider doesn’t give you easy installation then too you can setup your website with few simple steps.

Plesk one click installation for WordPress helping Freelancers
One click Installation screen for WordPress on Plesk Hosting Panel
One click WordPress installation on cPanel web hosting panel for Freelancers
cPanel Softaculous one click WordPress installation

Free Plugins:

Not only WordPress but most of its plugins are also free, which essentially means you as a freelancer is far less to do and most of the complex development work is being taken care by the plugins which WordPress directory has to offer us.

Its just the plug and play functionality which maked WordPress a market giant when it comes to web designing and content management.

My experience says most of the Client requirements are addressed by following plugins:

  1. WooCommerce: For converting your website into a full fledged eCommerce platform
  2. Yoast SEO / All in One SEO: To take care of Search engine optimization for your website and drive more customers to your client
  3. Contact Form 7: This plugin eases out the complexity of creating a contact form with different customization levels
  4. Elementor: A visual drag and drop page builder so that you dont have to look at the codes ever again
  5. Easy WP SMTP: To configure SMTP service on your WordPress website, making sure all the customer queries filled via contact form reaches inbox
  6. ManageWP Worker: To remotely manage and upgrade your websites for any patches/core updates and feature releases

Huge community support:

WordPress is backed by a huge community from developers/designers across the world, so whenever you face any issues while working on a project, the solution is just a google away. You practically get answers to all your queries/issues you could face while working on a project.

Apart from the existing answers you can also use multiple forums and networks to get your queries resolved. The community is quite active and you get answers lightning fast.

Awesome Theme Collection:

With atleast one theme for all practical needs, WordPress theme directory is just filled with themes coming in different designs, layouts and color combinations. Whether your client is a property dealer or a kindergarten owner you get theme for everything, and that too with a single click installation feature.

Freelancers can choose from a huge list of available themes for their WordPress websites
WordPress Themes collection for all business needs

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If you don’t want to use a theme because it possibly restricts your creativity, then go ahead and try some page builders like Elementor.

WordPress for Freelancers How to make Money online


A web designing freelancer faces a lot of challenges initially while setting up his/her business, WordPress eases this transition, and with its magical scalability and customizability your business can grow at a much faster rate while you deliver the projects to your clients, on time ! The flexibility backed by the community support will make your life easier and the pugins releases the overhead of code level changes and reduces risk of potential system or configuration failures.

Hence WordPress as a tool will definately help aspiring freelancers to work on multiple projects parallely while not worrying about dependencies, infrastructure or security concerns.

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  1. I design websites using WordPress and honestly its paying my bills, freelancers definately should leverage power of WordPress and make make online.

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